Features and main advantages of Asian slot machines

Slots dedicated to travel and cultures of different countries attract a lot of attention. Most of them, talked about Ancient Egypt until the developers saw a perspective in uncharted Asia. The first such slot machines became the biggest hits since they introduce players to China, Vietnam, Japan, and other countries of the Far East. They are always filled with a special atmosphere that allows them to travel thousands of kilometers without leaving home. If you are looking for the most popular Asian slots then take a look at the table below.

RankGameWhere to play?
1)Royal Panda CasinoPlay now!
2)Casino CruisePlay now!
3)Spinit CasinoPlay now!
4)888 CasinoPlay now!
5)Karamba CasinoPlay now!

Before making this rating, we checked the slots for several parameters and made sure that they are of particular value to the players. As a result, it turned out that they have the highest ratings and also amazing stories that will tell you all the secrets of Asia. You will find so many adventures with funny pandas, martial arts lessons with real ninjas, and beautiful girls personifying the local beauty. Playing Asian slots online a participant is guaranteed to receive large payouts because they have an extremely high RTP which will help him become rich.

Visual characteristics of Asian machines

Acquaintance with video slots begins with the interface and graphics. Speaking about games dedicated to Asia should be considered several key features that you will find in every second machine. First of all, developers use red and pink colors that symbolize velvet and sakura blossom. An integral part is a golden hue because the whole culture of Asia is built on spiritual and material wealth, revealed through this color.

On reels and other elements, often depicted are hieroglyphs and inscriptions understandable only to local residents. Considering China-themed games, we should pay attention to a large number of red lanterns while Japanese games are offered with fans and colors. The character set depends on the country you are going to go to and the plot suggested by the developers. They usually appear on 5-6 reels with 9-50 paylines. This space contains a wide range of images including special characters, progressive jackpots, free spins, which makes the gameplay more profitable. No one Asian casino slot can exist without a light oriental melody that helps to relax and tune in to a profitable session.

New Asian slots are also supplemented with 3D graphics that create a realistic environment regardless of the selected device. The vast majority of one-armed bandits are 2D graphics with low volatility. This means that combinations and payouts appear frequently but their sizes are quite low. To win the jackpot, gamblers need to activate the bonus round or collect a combination of special symbols that always have higher odds.

Main symbols

The characters and objects presented on the reels of these video slots are completely inspired by the theme of the Far East. Therefore, choosing a slot machine you need to pay attention to which region it is dedicated to because this direction determines the set of characters. Icons always differ in appearance/form and the functions they perform. Should we say payout ratios will also vary from one game to another? However, there are several picture groups that appear in most Asian gaming slots. You will most likely meet

Pandas. Perhaps they are not directly related to Asia but the players like them and most of them live in different parts of this region. Funny and kind pandas are often portrayed in their native places (bamboo forest) offering the player a lot of payouts. We included one of these games in our rating because its visualization and potential cannot be ignored.

Dragons. For centuries, dragons have represented strength and spirit in Asian culture. Today its images are presented everywhere from souvenirs to temples, therefore developers of gambling content often use these creatures. In most games, you need to climb a sacred mountain or visit another place where dragon/s guard treasures.

Geisha/Samurai. Being one of the main symbols of Japan, these characters took pride of place in slot machines. Geishas are attracted by their beauty and mystery, while samurai are ready to show their courage at any time.

Koi. The culture of many local countries is aimed at equality that is personified in koi carps. These sacred fish are dedicated to many thematic video slots filled with elements of ancient culture and high payouts that will please every player.

Variety of Asian slots online

Like many slot machines of other genres, oriented video slots offer a wide variety of plots within the same theme. When you see the symbols, you will immediately understand the cultural aspects of which country they belong to. Of course, we can divide all genres and topics favorite by players into several categories.

Mythology. By launching such a game, the user will be transferred to the world of oriental legends. Such video slots are mostly bright while symbols can take the form of dragons and other deities. Developers often use 3D tools and add a portion of animations to make the slot machine truly magical. Remember that each symbol has a special meaning when it comes to Asian legends so there are no random pictures.

Animals. Not all animals are deities, but they are cute and funny. Pandas, fish, monkeys appear on the playing field to give positive emotions and help you win real money. Searching for a suitable game you will surely find Asian online slots with tigers which are also very popular in the region.

Ninjas and warriors. The theme of Chinese warriors became popular at the end of the last century. At first, katana and shuriken masters appeared in local comics, but a few years later their first video games were released. It is not surprising that leading developers use these characters in slot machines that are very popular in Canada and New Zealand. Besides, they combine several themes and in most cases, players will enjoy action and adventure.

Anime. Drawn Japanese cartoons have become popular on all continents including Australia. These stories tell about amazing battles, superheroes, technologies, treasures, relationships. There is also adult content that adds a twist to this type of Asian slot machines.

Celebrities. China has given the world many celebrities who have achieved great success in Hollywood. In 2021, there are many slots where you will meet Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. Many games in this category offer progressive jackpots and are also a continuation of cult films. Chases, fights, and adventures are available anytime!

Wealth. It is no secret that the ancient Asian dynasties had innumerable wealth. To find them you do not have to perform various actions. Simply enjoy beautiful graphics and advanced gameplay. A distinctive feature of these slot machines is their luxurious design combining velvet and gold colors with certain artifacts.

As you can see, there are many topics available and in each of them, you will find great payouts and an amazing experience.

Top-rated Asian slots 2021

These days, slot machines with an Asian plot can be found in any online casino, because they always cause delight. Due to the fact that some players can get confused in this maze, we have compiled a rating of the most popular slot machines in which you will find oriental motives, bonus options, and excellent rewards.

Panda’s Fortune

If you don’t know where to start learning Asian culture then launch Panda’s Fortune (RTP 96.17%) video slot presented by Pragmatic Play. The slot machine has become popular thanks to 3 available jackpots, convenient controls, and additional options that trigger bonuses. The main symbols of China (lion, coins, tree of life) appear on 5 reels with 25 lines. The background is presented in the form of a bamboo jungle where a cute panda lives. The cost of one spin varies from $0.25 to $125, which is a great solution for both beginners and high-rollers. There is a chance to get from 8 to 15 free spins with multipliers.

Imperial Wealth

The slot machine developed by iSoftbet belongs to the vast category of video slots decorated in the Chinese imperial theme with luxury items and golden statues. All symbols appear on a large playing field that holds 5 reels and 40 active lines. This is enough to offer players several bonuses, wild, and free spins that increase payouts. By the way, payments are charged quite often thanks to 96.51% of RTP. Imperial Wealth is made in 3D format promising a lot of animations every time a winning combination appears. Bets start at $0.01 per line so you can play without risk.

Ninja Magic

In the summer of 2016, Microgaming presented to the punters a wonderful Ninja Magic slot with 5 reels and 40 paylines that accommodate 3 character rows. The player will join 2 legendary ninjas who need to penetrate the pagoda and steal a mysterious artifact. The game is filled with unexpected plot twists and bonus options that are activated in almost every round. You can always use Wild to complement the combination or Scatter to run free spins. For additional rewards, the participant will fight the firebugs and terrible spiders. To start the game, select the value of the coins (0.01-0.25) and press the Spin button. The RTP is 96.15%.

Goddess of Asia

The video slot developed by ReelRNG company brings you closer to Asian culture with the help of magnificent landscapes and beautiful geishas. Goddess of Asia is a game with 5 reels and 30 paylines where the player will catch themed symbols while winning real money. He can spend up to 1,500 coins per round and most of them will quickly return due to the high RTP (around 96%). Goddess of Asia offers to relax and enjoy a wide range of bonuses that include the Joker, Multiplier, Free Spins, and Fan Bonus Game. Management is standard, so players are unlikely to have problems.

Fortune Dragons

By launching this slot machine, the user is transferred to uncharted lands protected by dragons. Fortune Dragons powered by PariPlay offers outstanding features starting with cool 3D graphics and a vibrant interface. The developer said that the RTP reaches 97.02% and this is an excellent indicator considering the additional functions of the slot like Wilds, Scatter, and Free Spins of course. Payout is accrued for each combination formed somewhere on 6 reels and 20 winning lines. In the base game, the payout does not exceed 2000 stakes per spin.

What brands develop Asian content

The portfolio of even the youngest provider is divided into several sectors according to the most popular topics. Among them, you will certainly find Las Vegas Asian slots. Below we have presented a list of the developers whose slot machines are in the ranking of the most popular regardless of jackpots and other characteristics. The most important thing is that all Asian casino slots are dedicated to the mysterious Asia which stores many treasures:

Each of the brands introduced something special into the category of Asian slot machines. As a result, players will see many miracles, fight with the strongest dragons, study ancient legends, and look for Buddhist temples.

How to make a profit playing Asian slots online

To use the main advantage of the Chinese slots and not leave the virtual casino with empty pockets, the player should study the rules regardless of his experience and skills. To do this, visit the payout table that hides information about the general rules and each individual symbol presented on the game reels. Sometimes, looking through its pages, it becomes clear that the game gives small payouts and before leaving it, read the instructions that will help you get profit. As already mentioned, the greatest advantage is in bonus rounds and mini-games that reveal the potential of the slot machine. Depending on the capabilities of the characters, you may receive one of the prizes below:

  1. Instant payouts. Combinations of special images always have higher ratios. As a rule, these elements appear in certain columns, and catching them, the player can apply for instant cash prizes. In some slots, he will be asked to go to a new screen and select one element that hides the largest reward.
  2. Mini-games. Also, special combos can activate an additional round made in accordance with the main plot of the game. You will need to steal an artifact for example, or beat a dragon. Depending on the result, at the end of the round, you will receive a prize in the form of additional credits.
  3. Free Spins. Typically, this is the most generous part of any slot. The meaning of FS is that you spin the reels without spending money, on the contrary, you get payments for the combinations that appear on the screen. As a rule, the number of free spins varies from 10 to 50 and you sometimes have the opportunity to activate multiplier.

Are there any other ways to get paid? Yes! If you are missing one character for a combination, use Wild. It can not only replace the regular icon but also increase the prize.

Play at home, play on the go

It is difficult to assess the role of mobile devices in everyday life. Performing dozens of functions, smartphones and tablets are a great way to win money because with fast Internet their owners have access to any casino. The first such opportunity appeared in England, but today you can play from any country.

Before finding out how these slots differ, you need to choose a game method. For the fastest access, players choose Asian slots apps compatible with most Android and iOS devices. Installing them does not take much time and you will get the biggest advantage – 24/7 access to adventure and payouts. You can even turn on notifications so you don’t miss a single chance to fill your pockets.

If installing the application seems too complicated then grab the phone and open a browser. All reputable casinos are adapted for touch screens, so playing in a browser will not be a problem. In this case, you do not need to download anything and moreover, you can get a welcome bonus using a personal no deposit code.

Mobile Asian slot machines are no different from their PC versions, with the exception of some elements that have been changed for convenience. So, some buttons can be located around the playing field and you need to get used to the game on a small screen.


Asia is associated with beautiful landscapes, ancient temples, martial arts, and beautiful geishas. This world is full of secrets, so it is of particular interest to slot machines enthusiasts. To see amazing places you do not need to go to the airport and buy a ticket for the next flight. Simply visit the gambling site and play free Asian slots online. The game will not cost you a cent if you register at the casino and receive a generous bonus by promo codes. Besides, many of them offer demo mode if you have not created an account yet. In any case, you have the opportunity to test the slot machine before making a deposit.

What are you waiting for? Asian slots free are available anytime!

Kai Hartonen